Our school

Chatham High School is a welcoming large comprehensive school that services the town of Taree and adjacent rural and coastal areas. The school community aims to meet the needs of all students and provide education in a safe and friendly learning environment. Experienced, dedicated staff, noted for their caring attitude to all students, and a strong welfare structure underpin all programs. A broad school curriculum, as well as diverse cultural and sporting pursuits, are provided for all students. An alternative timetable for senior students increases access to Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and vocational courses. Subjects vary from our award-winning vocational subjects that give thorough job training through to the rigorous academic subjects that provide opportunity for entry into university. Excellent facilities, physical and technological, provide an environment where students have easy access to learning. Chatham High School is a Priority Schools Program funded school supporting the development of literacy and numeracy skills for all students. A Support Unit provides a comprehensive range of educational services for students with special needs.

The motto of Chatham High School (as depicted on the school crest) is Semper Intrepidi, which is thought to mean 'ever undaunted', 'always intrepid' or 'forever striving'.

School's Vision Statement

'Quality teaching and active learning in a caring environment'.


School's Mission Statement

Chatham High School will strive to attain this vision by being:

  1. a caring school dedicated to the holistic education of its students;
  2. a school which encourages all students to actively achieve their potential;
  3. a school which welcomes and encourages support;
  4. a school which values, encourages and supports all staff to do their job to the best of their ability; and
  5. a school which utilises and organises resources for the benefit of all who work in it.